Death Note RPG
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 Death Note RPG (Do NOT Edit or Reply)

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PostSubject: Death Note RPG (Do NOT Edit or Reply)   Death Note RPG (Do NOT Edit or Reply) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 9:14 pm

Death Note RPG

1. Locations
1.1 Shinigami Realm
1.1.1 The Shinigami King
1.1.2 The Shinigami Pit
1.2 Human Realm
1.2.1 Japan Tokyo Kyoto
1.2.2 United States of America Los Angeles Washington D.C.
1.2.3 World Services Internet - The Chat Box - Car Dealer online - House Dealer - Find a job World News CNN Asias International News
1.2.4 Local Services Local News Sakura TV - Tokyo Japan Radio The Depth of Night Starring Debra "Deb" Winsley - Los Angeles - Japan - Washington Hospitals Tokyo Name hospital Toyko Name hospital (the reason why there are multiple is because of the need for secrecy) Kyoto

2. Jobs
2.1 Civilian Job
2.1.1 Worker
2.1.2 Politics Campain Worker Party Member/Worker inside the governement structure Party Leader/Leader of a sub-section in the governement Elected Member/Leader of a section in the government Mayor Senator Ambassador Governer President/King/Emperor of a Country Leader of Interpol
2.1.3 Public Service Hostpital Nurse Doctor
2.1.4 Media Television Internet Radio
2.2 Law
2.2.1 Police Plice "Officer: Police Investigation "Sergeant" : Vice (Crime against the human being) Police Investigation "Sergeant" : Homicide (Muder on a human being) Police Investigation "Sergeant" : Narcotic (Fight against Drugs) Police Lieutenent Police Captain SWAT Interpol Investigator Ultimate Investigator
2.1.4 Public Service Hostpital Nurse Doctor
2.1.5 Media Television Internet Radio

3. School
3.1 High School
3.2 University

4. Informations
4.1 Characters Informations
4.1.1 Public Informations Appearance Depends : Job
4.1.2 Private Informations Social Security Number Medic Care Service Number Job Related : Real Name Depends : Job
4.1.3 Death Note Related Information Life Span (Only obtainable if posses Shinigami Eyes) Death Note possession (Only obtainable if posses Shinigami Eyes)

5. NPC
5.1 NPC Informations
5.1.1 Real Name
5.1.2 Alias
5.1.3 Job
5.1.4 Life Span
5.1.5 Appearance
5.1.6 Weekly Schedule

6. Weapons
6.1 Death Notes
6.1.1 Human World Death Notes
6.1.2 Shinigami World Death Notes
6.2 Fire Arms
6.2.1 Pistols Snob .32mm Glock .9mm Berreta 92F Semi Automatic Colt .45mm H&K USP .45mm Python .44 Magnum Desert Eagle .50mm
6.2.2 Sub Machine Guns Uzi .9mm Mac-10 .10mm H&K MP5 Navy .9mm
6.3 Close Combat Weapons
6.3.1 Blunt SedgeHammer Hammer Police Baton
6.3.2 Cutting Edge Kitchen Knife Combat Knife Throwing Knives Machette Cane Sword
6.3.3 Misc

Death Note RPG (Do NOT Edit or Reply) Spector3

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Death Note RPG (Do NOT Edit or Reply)
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