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 Information Gathering

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PostSubject: Information Gathering   Information Gathering Icon_minitimeWed Dec 01, 2010 4:47 am

To prevent people from acquiring an unlimited amount of information, ALL forums are restricted to specific groups.
For example. If you are in Hollywood L.A., You will be assigne to "LA Group". You will be able to see everything that happens in LA (That doesnt require a security clearance.) but will not be able to see what happens in Tokyo. Your only mean of getting information about Tokyo will be through the internet or the news.

There are some way that will allow someone to gain access to a group that he normaly cant :

Hacking : Will allow the user to gain the "Group" access to a certain forum. Example : Tokyo Police Servers

Spying : There are multiple ways of spying. one can do it through hack, by hijacking someones phone, he they can install cameras while the person is away. or simply stalk him and hide in a secluded location.

Investigate : Whatever someone does, leaves clues behind. A footstep in the mud, a crowded scene, a fingerprint on a broken glass...

Intimidate/Barter/Seduce : some people knows more then they are willing to share, use your head.

To acquire information on someone, you will have to do it IN GAME. We may require you bring proof of how your character obtained the information that led to the kill or the arrest. Locking the forums and assigning them to groups is one way to stop people from getting information that should be impossible to acquire because of his/her current location. But, it can still be possible for people to get infos they shouldn't have, the chat box for instances. Those information CANNOT be used by your character. Dont forget that you and your character don't share the same consciousness, at least not in the game.

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Information Gathering
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