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 Law Vs Crime

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PostSubject: Law Vs Crime   Law Vs Crime Icon_minitimeSun Nov 28, 2010 6:31 pm

There is an absolute need for a good Law vs Crime system, to encourage people to join either side.

Plus and Cons :

Law Plus :
Have almost unlimited rescources to help them accomplish their objectives.
Is given a weapon after recruitement (In the U.S. it may not be hard to get a gun, but in japan its one of the VERY FEW ways to get one)
Is trained in weaponry, investigation, athletism,
Is guaranteed a salary + performance bonus

Crime plus :
No boundries
have access to "Underground" Market and information.
Doesnt pay taxes
is trained in weaponry, barter, sneak and
indentity isnt public unless caught
no monthly requirements unless in a gang.

Law Cons :
All relevant information on police officer are public from the start
Pay taxes
must complete monthly objectives to keep job and be promoted.

Crime cons :
Is hunted by the law.
if caught the character spend time in jail (require a text of 500 Words to get out or wait for a week at the cost of some experience)
Depending on the crimes comitted and if the player was seen doing it, the criminal may be blocked from certain locations.
Can be difficult to travel to other countries
Need to launder your money (cost 30% of your money!) if you want to buy cars, houses and more.

Law Vs Crime Spector3

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Law Vs Crime
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