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 How does it Work?

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How does it Work? Empty
PostSubject: How does it Work?   How does it Work? Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 9:23 pm

How the Game Works :

This game is a pure written RPG (Free form). It uses no real stats or calculation for attacks. Tho you will require training for most actions in the game (Training to become a pilot or to get better at shooting a gun). Like the real world, it doesnt take much to kill someone (A well aimed bullet, your name in the death note, or a stupid accident). You are not protected from any of those, a Fatal accident may occur while you are walking down the street, you may become the target of a ruthless killer or die shot in the line of duty. The possibilities are infinite.

Like the real world, you must have money in order to live, and you must work in order to get money. How you obtain it doesnt concerns us, but beware, some people out there will do everything to stop criminals.

Even tho this game is about Death Note... The Death Notes only play a small part in this universe. The chances that one falls next to you are slim, if not null... If you really want a Death Note, you may have to acquire it through other means.

Consider this game a full simumlation on the World of Death Note. you can become a Civilian, and work your way up the political ladder, and maybe, become the president of your country, leading all men underneath you for your personnal intrests. You may choose to become a criminal, and acquire what you want the way you want... or become a law enforcer... and hunt down the criminals and whoever breaks the law. You can even take any small job you desire, like working in a fast food restaurant, be a movie star or even a junky in the street.

If you are one of the lucky player who gets a Death Note, be careful... know that everyone seeks it, and will do everything to get one. Secrecy will be your only defense, and Information, your only weapon (besides the death note lol).

Technical aspect of the game :

To limit people from gathering infinite amount of information, people are restricted to some forums... example, if you are in Tokyo Japan, you wont be able to see the Washington D.C. Forum. Your only access to Washingtons information is through the medias, like Internet, Television and Radio... you could also call someone from washington and ask him/her, but that would be suspicious.

The only information you can use is the one your character knows, example, if you know the name of your enemies but technicly your ingame character doesnt, you cant use that in your Role Play.
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How does it Work?
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