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 House, Vehicules, Companion, Pets and Children

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PostSubject: House, Vehicules, Companion, Pets and Children   Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:19 pm

there are many things you an own in death note Rpg.

House : With enough money, you can either rent or buy a house/apartment. Doing so will provide you with a personal section on the forum. it will also provide you with a location in which you can make your research away from the public.

Vehicules : Varying from a pair of rollerblades to a luxury yacht, a owned vehicule allow the user to travel faster and sometimes more discretly.

Companions : Tho it is not possible to "Own" an NPC permanently, depending on your job you will sometime have authority over certain NPC.

Pets : Some pets serve as defenses for your house. in other cases (Police K-9) they can be used to help you during your work.

Children : it is possible to have children in the game, and unlike NPC they are under the control of the players.


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House, Vehicules, Companion, Pets and Children
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